Nu direct orderen vanuit zoekresultaten

Direct ordering from search results
When searching for an instrument, customers can now order straight from the search results.

- VWD content is now only shown when it’s available for ETF’s and mutual funds. When no content is availale, the normal Binck security information page will be shown.
- Customers can now select the BEL Mid Index and BEL Small Index on the customizable quote tiles on the homepage.
- The securities lending overview page will no longer show up when the product is not active (or has never been active in the past).
- A small update on the MiFID II identification page and login flow: it is now possible to add up to 140 characters for the first name field.

Team Market Data
A lot of effort has been put into optimizing the connection Binck has with SIX, our PRIIPS KID supplier. 

- MAINT: Eurex quotes delayed/possible chaos on M* subscriptions
- MAINT: Change to 'unduplicate' ABM BE and DowJones NL news
- MAINT: M* Change 2017-C163, 29-01-2018
- MAINT: Set Borsa Ticksizes to some extra securities (PATCH A)
- TECH: Add/Complete SonarQube data
- TECH: Migrate FG-KoerscorrectiesApprove and Reject APIs
- PRIIPs: Expose 'Jurisdiction' property from SIX
- OPS: F-01: Create CertX ticksize type for certificates/warrants


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